Mexicans love beans, we really do, so like I told you we use them for a variety of foods. Today I will introduce you to one of our breakfast stars; enfrijoladas. There is no literal translation for that, I can only describe them: corn tortillas lightly fried, so they are flexible and then soaked in hot blended cooked beans. There is a chooce of classical fillings; stripped chicken or cheese, although they are great without one too. It’s usual to top them with a thin raw onion ring, cheese and a squirt of cream. Want to see the process? Let’s go!

Heat up oil and soak the tortilla in, as soon as oil starts bubbling beneath and around it, flip it and take it out when the same happens. Drain as much oil as you can using kitchen paper towels. Fry as many as you want to have and set them apart.

In a small saucepan, heat up a little oil and toss a thick slice of onion, cook until golden. Pour cooked beans into the blender or mixer vase, about half a cup per tortilla, add the onion and blend for one minute, if your paste is sticky or hard, simply add water until you get a creamy consistence, adjust salt to taste. Put the same saucepan you used to cook the onion on a light flame and empty the blender’s content in, let simmer and remove from heat. Take one fried tortilla carefully, you can use a plastic or wooden spatula (metallic ones will break the tortilla), let it sit on the bean cream and flip it over, take it out like you would do with a pizza you take out of the oven, put it on a plate, fill it with chicken or cheese or just add a little more bean cream and then fold the tortilla forming a semicircle, pour some more bean sauce over it and then add your selected topping. ¡Listo! Serve and eat immediately, if it gets cold two bad things happen: the tortilla turns into a bland sticky blob along with the beans cream and the last mentioned gets dry, so nope! Don’t let them chill on your dish. Enjoy!



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